Barranco de la Hoz Somera, Cuenca, Spain


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Acuatic canyon whit abseiling rapell in a unique enclave

An intermediate level canyon where we can see all kinds of limestone formations, tuffs, wild flora and fauna, besides we will rapell descending more than four waterfalls with water, a slide of more than 5 meters, submerged caves and an impressive rock chaos for cross.

It is the most hidden and less traveled canyon descent of the entire province, located in the Herrería de Santa Cristina: it is necessary to travel 14 km along a forest track and take a 45-minute walk to the entrance of the ravine. Once arrived at the indicated site, it is understood that the effort has been worth it.

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Nombre of the canyon / activity Meeting point
Ventano del Diablo Our base Cuerda Doble, in Villalba de la Sierra.
Canyoning  Poyatos For this activity we are in the town of Poyatos. Our guide will contact you and indicate the point of the expedition.
Canyoning Hoz Somera For this activity the meeting place with the clients is specified as there are two ways to get to the canyon.
Canyoning Portilla (Estrecho del Gollizno) We will meet in the town of Portilla. Our guide will contact you and indicate the point of the expedition.
Canyoning Las Majadas (Hocecilla) We will meet in the town of Las Majadas. Our guide will contact you and indicate the point of the expedition.

All the specific gear for each activity.

Wetsuit, helmet, life jacket.

Accident Rescue and Civil Liability Insurance

We value and protect your safety above all, with Cuerda Doble nothing will happen to you.

Photo report

A good memory of the activity is essential, you will have a photographic report to brighten up any evening with your in-laws or to presume to have lived such an exciting experience.

Access to the municipal swimming pool of Villalba de la Sierra

Ideal to cool off and relax if you wish, or enjoy an alternative if you are a less daring companion.

The minimum ages vary depending on the complexity and versatility of the ravines to go, you can consult the following table to have an approximation of from what age children can participate:

Name of the canyon / activity Minimum age
Ventano del Diablo 7 years
Canyoning Poyatos 12 years
Canyoning Hoz Somera 12 years
Canyoning Portilla (Hociquilla) 12 years
Canyoning Las Majadas (Hocecilla) 12 years

Swimwear and a towel to dry, Cuerda Doble provides all the material needed for the activity.
Yes, but it is not necessary to be great swimmers, having confidence in the water is advisable. One of our guides will help you throughout the tour.
 If you are pregnant or you think so, you are not able to perform the activity, it will have to be the next time.
All guests have free access to the swimming pool of our facility (in July and August) or they can have a drink on the summer terrace of our café-bar. If you have a vehicle you can visit places like “Ciudad Encantada”, Los Callejones de Majadas, or ” el Ventano del diablo.

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