Terms and conditions of the service

Hiring adventure activities and courses

The contracting of any of the adventure activities of Actijucar SLL can be done through the email: info@cuerdadoble.com or phone: 634 52 12 36 or through the reservation platform of the website www.barranquismo-cuenca. is. The process will be as follows:

To make the reservation effective, a reservation must be made through the reservation platform of the website.
Once requested and confirmed by the indicated routes, Double String will send via email a “reserve bonus” of the program (s) or activity / is hired. The “reserve bonus” will reflect the number of participants, the date of the activities, the time and place of the meeting, the start time of the activities, duration and total price.
The rest of the total amount will be paid in cash once the contracted service provision is completed.
With the payment of 100% will be issued detailed invoice of the service provided. This “reserve bond” has the character of a bilateral contract as of the moment in which the amount required to make the reservation in each specific activity takes place.
For hiring from the Activity Center the procedure will be the same except step 2 that the payment is made “in situ” the same day of the contracted service.

Terms of recruitment

Before contracting any activity, the client has the obligation to report on possible ailments, illnesses or disabilities that could pose a risk to his health or safety of the activity (s) to be performed. In any case, and especially for the activities of advanced level, Rope Double can choose to make a previous test and reserves the right of admission.
To participate in aquatic activities it is imperative to know how to swim. Adventure activities and courses are not suitable for pregnant women.
The client undertakes not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotic drugs, as well as any other medication that may affect his ability to react, and may prohibit participation in the activity to be performed if it is observed that he does not comply with this requirement.
It is mandatory to have the minimum necessary ages required in each activity in order to participate in it. These are published on the web: www.barranquismo-cuenca.es and www.cuerdadoble.com in the technical files of each activity. In any case before the hiring the client is informed of which is the minimum age required.
Minors must be authorized or accompanied by a responsible person.
The price includes the necessary material, both individual and collective. Each technical sheet specifies the necessary equipment for each activity and program.
Unless otherwise indicated in the price of the adventure activities and courses is not included (if necessary) internal transfers (from the place of reception to the place of start of adventure activities and courses) running these on behalf of the client . In the same way and unless otherwise indicated, other services such as transportation from point of origin to point of reception, maintenance and accommodation are not included in the prices of adventure activities and courses. These services must be contracted by the clients. Actijucar S.L.L. May provide the client with the management of the reservation of such services.
Double rope has qualified monitors and guides as well as approved material and in good safety and Actijucar SLL guarantees for the intended use, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Nevertheless all the adventure activities and courses offered are developed in the natural environment so they are subject to weather conditions, orography with different degrees of difficulty, variant flows and the involvement of a certain physical effort on the part of the participant. Therefore, the client must know that the adventure activities developed in the natural environment includes a risk margin uncontrolled and difficult to predict, which is a risk factor in terms of the physical integrity of the participants.
From the reception of the group until the end of the service rendered, the monitors, guides or instructors of Double Rope are the maximum responsible of the group, having the participants the obligation to follow the instructions and indications of the monitors, guides or instructors.

Modifications and cancellations

In case of cancellation by the client of the contracted service, the procedure to be followed will be the following:
If the confirmation of cancellation by the client is made before 48 hours of providing the contracted service, the total amount paid by the customer will be refunded.